Getting Started Is Easy!

EASIEST OPTION: Create an account on an exchange

By far the easiest way to get started with Tao Network is to create an account on AltMarket or QTrade.

This will not only provide you with a unique Tao address, but it will provide a way for you to purchase Tao with USD or Bitcoin!

NEXT OPTION: Setup Tao in MetaMask

Setup One: Install the MetaMask Chrome extension by clicking here.

Step Two:¬†Add the Tao network to MetaMask by clicking the network selection dropdown, then select “Custom RPC”.

Step Three: Enter the values in the image to the right, click “Save” and you’re done!

THIRD OPTION: Use your Ledger and our online wallet

Setup One: Plug in your Ledger hardware wallet and navigate to the online TaoWallet.

Step Two: Click Import A Wallet

Step Three: Select “Ledger” and click the “m/44’/558’/0’/0″ link and then click Import!