Tao is the one cryptoccurrency with a plan for mainstream use, and don't take our word for it.


Financial empowerment through artistic patronage!

Support Creators!

Initial Artist Offerings, specially designed crypto-merchandise, provides the fuel for launching, expanding, and engaging with fans! The Tao community is passionate about supporting artists throughout all stages of their careers, and we have built a reputation as “kingmakers,” picking the next big thing before it hits the mainstream!

We help artists succeed!

Empowering Finance!

Take control of your financial well being with Tao!  Utilizing a technology known as Proof of Stake Tao is more than just a cryptocurrency, it pays you 4% annual interest* for participating in keeping the network secure!

We help you succeed!


* Certain terms and conditions apply

Powerful Integration!

Tao has been adopted by the cryptocurrency exchange AltMarket as the “in-house” cryptocurrency! Use Tao to buy your favorite cryptocurrencies and explore the cryptocurrency ecosystem!

Our community has worked hard to make this cryptocurrency as secure, ethical, and reliable as mathematically possible.

We help each other succeed!


Financial inequality impacts everyone, and Tao is designed to provide opportunities to change the financial destiny of as many people as possible by helping creators make the world more beautiful!

Hand-Held Finance

Tao puts the power of global financial tools in your hands!  Take control of your financial well-being!

Secure Transactions

Your money belongs to you, and Tao leverages the power of applied cryptography to provide bank-grade security on your desktop!


Tao is a vibrant community of creators, musicians, artists, and technologists with a wide range of perspectives and interests.  We welcome you to join us!


We have a history of success from Day One!
  1. ICO

    Coin Sale
    Initial Blockchain Development

  2. Genesis Block

    100% Proof of Stake
    Distribution to 187 ICO participants

  3. Trading Opens

    Tao begins trading on open markets
    at 0.00000151BTC

  4. Proof of Song

    Tao rapidly begins to demonstrate the power of the platform with sample copyright registration data for sound recordings called Taology.

  5. Infiniti Music

    Tao community members combine resources and founded an actual record label in order to promote artists and their careers.

  6. Peter Rafelson

    Hollywood, songwriting legend, and CEO of DigiRAMP Peter Rafelson officially joins the Tao project as an advisor.

  7. Pandora Meetings

    The Tao team discusses the future of music with the streaming service Pandora, opening the doors to more services in the industry.

  8. AltMarket Founded

    Tao community members found AltMarket to provide a financial platform for the entertainment industry.

  9. Lobbying Congress

    Directly lobbied congress for commodity status. Lead developer Bryce Weiner was the first developer to meet with the SEC.

  10. The First IAO

    The first “celebrity cryptocurrency” ODBCoin, an official tribute to legend Russel “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” Jones.

  11. AltMarket Launches

    The AltMarket team launches their fully U.S. regulated MVP exchange platform, providing Tao its first REAL WORLD USE CASE!

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