A Smart Contract Platform for the Music Industry, by the Music Industry

Tao is the original blockchain platform for the entertainment industry since 2016!

Designed by a Community of Music Technologists

Decentralized exchange protocol with market making

Secure online wallets and MetaMask support

100% EVM compatible technology

Fast settlement times and passive income through decentralized proof-of-stake


Building the DeFi of Entertainment

Utilize the power of smart contracts to increase profits

Build unique and direct relationships with fans

Immutable and immortal, the blockchain lasts forever

Easily accessible technology allows for rapid development

Our Ecosystem Keeps Growing!

The growing number of companies and projects using Tao to bring smart contract transparency and operational cost savings to entertainment and the arts!


A state-of-the-art digital asset exchange with fiat currency support and dozens high liquidity assets!


DigiRAMP, a digital rights access management platform, allows creators to easily manage rights and royalties!


Bring your fans into the mix by through unique fundraising and rewards!